How to Change an Air Filter on your Riding Lawn Mower

Published: 02nd June 2010
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How to Change an Air Filter on your Riding Lawn Mower

There are a variety of different style air filters on a variety of different brands of engines. Always refer to your Operator's Manual or Engine Operator's Manual if you are not sure. This article will cover with you the steps and materials needed to successfully change the air filter on your ride on lawn mower. These steps can be used with a variety of brands, and is not specifically used for MTD lawn mowers. You can use these steps with Murray lawn mowers, Poulan Lawn Mowers, and more.

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Follow these simple steps to successfully change the air filter in your lawn mower.

  • Be sure to replace your filter with one that fits properly. Air filters can be purchased on this site and where mower parts are sold.

  • Make sure you have the proper tools before beginning this project.

  • Under no circumstances should you start or run your mower with the air cleaner assembly or air filter removed. Doing so can pull debris into the engine and damage it.

  • Begin by placing the riding mower on a flat, level surface.

  • Make sure the engine is cool and, open the hood.

  • Begin by disconnecting the spark plug wire.

  • Clean the air filter area of any debris.

  • Remove the air filter cover.

  • Remove the air filter. The air filter is most commonly made of pleated paper.

  • If your engine's air cleaner is equipped with a pre-filter, remove it for cleaning. The pre-filter is most commonly made of foam and can be serviced by washing with liquid detergent and water. If it's excessively dirty, replace it. Allow the pre-filter to dry before installation.

  • Install the cleaned or new pre-filter. Then install the new air filter.

  • Replace the air filter cover.

  • Reconnect the spark plug wire or wires and you're good to go!

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